Becoming The Redwood

Becoming The Redwood

I hope this newsletter finds you well. Yesterday I returned from a long weekend in Redway, California. I had the honor to sleep in an 80 year old cabin nestled in the redwoods that were at least 500 years old along the banks of the Eel river.

I haven’t slept that well in ages. Being around these quiet giants makes me feel safe and protected. My mind quiets down. It is like all of the noise in my head flows out of me down the river.

I have clients who come to me when  they are in a transition in life. They are in a career that no longer works and they don’t know what to do. They feel stuck.

I become the Redwoods for them. I become a place where people's minds quiet down and rest. Where they can find what is true for them.

I know that when people’s minds quiet down they can begin to listen to their hearts.

I know that when they listen to their hearts  they will find the clarity of what to do in their career move.

This sounds simple, “listen to your heart.”  It is simple,  but not easy.

What blocks us from listening to our hearts is our fearful thinking.

When my clients start to get quiet they feel their fear.

It is like stepping into a river with wild rapids.

Our fear throws us around, tips us over and have us move back into our heads and  walking back into our same old life.

It happens so fast that we don’t see it.

Yet with me, my clients slow down enough to see that fear is their own personal thinking. They are making our own rapids.

By sitting with me, and my quiet groundedness, my clients see that they are creating something that is not real.

Once they see this they can then listen to their heart.

Their heart will guide them. It is the best river guide they have.Their heart knows what it is doing.

If you are in a transition and feel stuck I would love to help you find your next career move.

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