Another Year Stretches Out Before Us

Another Year Stretches Out Before Us

Another year unfolds before me, bringing with it a blank journal and calendar waiting to be filled. These books offer me the canvas to inscribe my dreams and plans, a space to chart the course of my aspirations.

In my earlier years, crafting life goals was a challenge, perhaps rooted in an incident from my sixteenth year, an encounter with my mother on the way home from swim club.

"Can we plan when I go to college?" I asked as we rode in our convertible red MG with the top down. My mother, donning a scarf around her head, shielded her eyes with oversized round sunglasses that mirrored the sun. Her red lipstick matched the car's color.

"No," she said abruptly, halting the car in the middle of Sycamore Road. She proceeded to share that she once had plans with my father, who tragically passed away when I was two. With his passing, all her hopes and dreams were extinguished too.

It may seem paradoxical, that I am a coach who empowers individuals to pursue their career dreams despite my personal struggles. However, it's these struggles that render me effective in assisting others. I don't have to imagine to comprehend the pain of losing everything one envisions. I intimately understand the ache of disappointment and the inclination to shield oneself from further hurt. Yet, I've also learned how to honor these experiences while moving forward with them.

I've discovered that my mind tends to spin tales about the future. It conjures up fearful narratives, anticipating what might unfold. This tendency stems from my fear of experiencing hurt again. I've come to realize that I cannot predict outcomes until I take action.

In my work with clients, I facilitate an understanding of their thought processes and help them embrace uncomfortable emotions. This newfound awareness enables them to venture into uncharted territories. They muster the courage to seek a raise or a fresh opportunity, to vocalize their truths, or to embark on a new career path. Simultaneously, they learn the art of holding their dreams with a sense of fluidity, pursuing them earnestly while acknowledging that circumstances can evolve.

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