Is Your Energy Betraying You in Sales?

Is Your Energy Betraying You in Sales?

In sales it is wise to be aware of your energy. If not, it could betray you. Your energy is created by conscious and unconscious thoughts and beliefs. The thoughts you have create energy in your body. When we become aware of our energy we can become aware of unconscious thoughts and beliefs.

When we become aware we can create new beliefs and thought that will serve us.

Let me give you an example of, how thoughts create energy in your body. Think of something that has made you angry in the past. As you think of it, become aware of your body. Do you notice if your body constricts or becomes tense? Now think of something that has made you really happy. Again notice your body. Do you notice how it relaxes or expands? Can you experience the difference?

Our bodies are always running energy from our unconscious and conscious thinking.

So how does this impact us in sales?

As humans our bodies are always communicating our thoughts and beliefs. It is what we do as human beings. It is what keeps us alive. Have you ever met someone and immediately knew they were pissed off before they said something? Or have met someone and immediately drawn to them before they have said anything. Our bodies communicate the energy and we read it unconsciously or consciously.

In sales our energy is being read all the time.

Let’s say for example it is the end of the quarter and you have not made your number yet. Think about not making your number and can you experience your body? Can you experience perhaps a needy feeling or desperate feeling or perhaps a little bit of panic?

When you go to call a potential client or new prospect they will experience this energy.

It may not be conscious but they will experience it. If they cannot tolerate needy, they will move away.