Workshops & Group Coaching

Empowered employees are engaged employees. Through group coaching and workshops, I help organizations empower their employees to drive results.

Workshops and group coaching sessions can be designed to align with the specific goals and initiatives of your organization. My Three Principles approach to coaching provides the foundation for all of my workshops and ensures that participants acquire meaningful tools to affect change within your organization. Past workshops have covered:

  • The power of listening
  • Driving sales through connection
  • Finding work that is aligned with your soul
  • Empowered relationships with yourself and others
  • Working with difficult people
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My workshops are designed to help increase employee engagement and retention and drive growth and profitability. Benefits also include:

  • Enhanced team cohesion
  • Efficiencies in time management and budget
  • Sales breakthroughs
  • Greater innovation and creativity
  • Whole-hearted contributions
  • Clearer communication
  • Fun and ease in the workplace
  • Improved company culture

My custom workshops can be designed to your specifications and goals and delivered onsite or at the location of your choice.

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Upcoming Events

Throughout the year, I offer in-person workshops across the Bay Area and beyond. I invite you to join me for an upcoming event!

Meaningful Work

Meaningful Work: A Day-Long Workshop on Career Fulfillment

To excel in any career, you need to understand your own gifts, strengths and personal desires. This day-long workshop is designed to help you find clarity on the work you’re called to do in this world and create an action plan to create meaningful change in your career. We’ll address related questions including:

  • Do you find yourself grasping in the dark when it comes to your career?
  • Are you unsure how to find the work that you are called to do?
  • Are you looking for guidance on how to make the changes you desire?
  • What’s getting in your way?

Join me and coach Julie Gleeson to learn new perspectives on accessing satisfaction, innate wisdom and inspiration.


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Speaking of Connection

I’m also available to speak at your conference or event. Please contact me regarding booking.

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