Feeling Stuck? Change it Now

Feeling Stuck? Change it Now

A lot of people come to me because they are stuck in their career and they think that there’s something wrong with where they are. It’s kind of like having an orange, but thinking it should be a lemon.  And being pissed off and upset that you don't have a lemon. A lot of the people that come to me think there is something wrong with the current career situation they are in. That there is something better out there and they’d be so much happier if they were doing it.   

Listening to Emotions

Listening always comes first. When we listen to, are present with, and don’t run away or discount our emotions, we gain valuable insight. At the end of any emotional energy is insight: information that tells us what to do next and how to do it.

Energy is the information that guide us, and human beings experience energy through emotions. Emotions come in every color. From depression, despondence, joy, love and everything in between.


Life can change at any moment, and that’s good news or bad news. Recently, I was moving a couch and my partner pushed a little too hard, and my ankle twisted, I watched it twist, and it did not go well.

I watched my wisdom kick in: there wasn't time to think.