I am having a love affair with clarity. What I love about clarity is that it applies to all areas of life:  health, finances, relationships, work, and where you live.

Clarity has a certain feeling. The best I can use to describe it the feeling is an open, calm spaciousness. A knowing & a well-being. It’s the quality of ease to be able to have vision and ideas in sharp focus.

Accessing Power

I realize that I have been  interested in power most of my life. What is power? How do we have it?

I’ve come to learn that power is about listening to the truth inside of us and acting on it.

When we truly listen to ourselves, and use our deep knowing to move through the world, we have the most power.

All humans we possess this internal knowingness: what comes before thought that we know is true. I would love people to understand this and know how to access this knowing because it’s what makes life much more fun and easy.

Bringing Your Whole Self to Corporate America

Twenty years ago, I felt like I had to leave my soul at the door to be part of corporate america. Looking back now, I realize that was only an illusion that I believed.

So, I left corporate america. Yes, I’ve been successful and I’ve created my own coaching business, but there have been costs. I’ve been on my own, without the partnerships that are available in companies.

When I worked in corporate america, I was just trying to survive. Now that I have a new perspective and I’ve worked with people in all sorts of roles in corporations, I’ve seen the benefits of bringing in one’s higher self and thereby inviting intelligence, innovation, and connection. Bringing in one’s gifts and intelligence will open up all sorts of possibilities.