4009 Webster Street, Suite C ,Oakland, CA, 94609

July 28th, 2017 Friday                   9:00 am - 12:00 pm

September 9, 2017  - SATURDAY             9:00 AM – 12:00 PM 

November 30th, 2017 Thursday             9:00 am - 12:00 pm


Energy is pure potential. As humans we shape our energy through our thinking. The type of thinking we have access to, is determined by the amount of energy we have.

  • What if you could accomplish what you wanted with ease and grace?

  • What if you could have effective, easy and satisfying  relationships with your employees, vendors, colleagues and loved ones?

  • What if you could feel confident, strong, resilient and at ease the majority of the time regardless what was happening in your life?

  • What if you could finally make the breakthrough in your life that you have always wanted?

In this class you will learn how to access your highest energy and use it regularly. You will also learn how to know when your energy has dropped and how to readily elevate it.

This class is designed for individuals :

  • Who have decided they must make a change their life now.
  • Who want to be playing a bigger game in life
  • Who want to be making a difference in life
  • Who understand that growing and expanding are important in their life.
  • Who want to be living a rich, fun and rewarding life.


This is a 5 week course that will meet on Wednesdays from 3pm - 5pm beginning on September 6th and ending on October 4th.


Location: 4009 Webster Street, Suite C, Oakland CA, 94609

Wednesday September 6, 2017  3pm - 5pm

Wednesday September 13, 2017 3pm - 5pm

Wednesday September 20, 2017 3pm - 5pm

Wednesday September 27, 2017 3pm - 5pm

Wednesday October 4, 2017 3pm - 5pm


  • Are you in Sales but find that you aren't really succeeding?
  • Are you ready to make a change? Are you ready to make a breakthrough?
  • What about increasing your revenue by 10,000 in the next 3 months.

Anna's unique approach to sales is from an internal perspective. What does this mean? An internal perspective means to develop and focus on where we have the most power: on ourselves.

This class is for entrepeuners and small business owners who want to develop their self awareness in sales; to understand their gifts. We will also cover the true facts of sales, practical organization and structural tools, and marketing techniques. The end goal is to be able to show up and be present in sales with integrity, authenticity and power.

In addition, you will find that the work we do around sales will apply to other areas of their life. This course will improve relationships with clients, vendors, teammates, and loved ones. Increase your confidence and security, and life becomes easier.