Why are you here?

You are either stuck or you want support.

You are stuck. You are struggling to grow your ideas, your business, or snag the promotion. You are brilliant and you know what you need to do but something is not clicking. You’d like a lighter feeling.


You want support. You have a difficult relationship that is holding back the success of your business. You feel that you are walking on eggshells and your job might be on the line. You are overwhelmed by the complexity of your personal and professional life and are therefore stressed out.

What can I offer you?

Wisdom Business Coaching

This is not your traditional business coaching. This is coaching through relationship, an understanding of what a relationship is really about. When you understand energy and can have meaningful connections,  life is different. It is easy, purposeful, beautiful and rich.

My coaching is about understanding connection, it’s power, and how to have rich meaningful connection with yourself and every human you walk in life with. I offer the skills and tools that restore quality and conditions of your everyday connections - so you can act from a place of power.




It all starts with the quality of your connection with yourself.

Connection with Self. You know what you love. You know what lights you up and you go after it. You know what you want and speak up for it. You know your limits and set clear boundaries. You know what to listen to

Connection with Source. You know what life is asking of you. You are being guided by something larger than your personal thinking. You open up to more love, laughter and joy. You are paying attention to the whole.

Connection with others. What are you  to give to others? What you you to receive from others? What are you to create with others?




Become a better leader. 
Together we will focus on key strategic relationships that will create success. I provide guidance and advice, acting as a confidant so you can focus on your best work. I’ll assist you in navigating team dynamics and creating strategy, and show you how to energetically lead with grace while boosting  your sales.

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Grow your business.
 Entrepreneurs are self-determined types that want to take the world on by themselves.  It’s for this very reason that a business coach can be an incredible asset to an entrepreneur at any stage of their business. I’ll check in on blind spots, hold you accountable, and give objective opinion so you can grow your business in a way that makes the most sense for your soul.


Know who you really are.
It might be that you are at a crossroads in your life, that you are looking for confidence and security in some aspect of your life. I help you see who and where you are and help you learn what you are capable of. Whether it’s starting a new career, taking a leap in to your own business, or seeking a promotion, I’ll give you the energetic wisdom and push that will put you on the right path for you.


Maximize team performance. I facilitate teams in learning new ways of working together. Organizational techniques, relationship dynamics, boundaries and individual responsibilities are taken into account to create new systems. We will address the corporate culture and structure and maximize performance of team members. I also create visual presentations to inspire team members, help them reflect and then act with newly acquired knowledge and skill.

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Gain new skills.
I offer workshops in the Bay Area on a monthly basis. Workshops are a great way to be introduced to my energetic method and gain skills to help you on your journey. Please click here to see an up to date schedule of events. I also offer workshops and experiences to companies and groups. Workshops will transform your group in to a highly effective team.  Contact me if you are interested in scheduling a private event.